African Culture is the perhaps most influential one that exists. Its influence can be seen in all sections of modern society, whether one is east, west, north or south. Though more experienced in the expressive and creative, like poetry, art, music and fashion, it can also be recognized in many other aspects of the world’s social mainframe.

I have come to the conclusion that Africa and its culture are the ultimate game changers; the true illuminated path that can be used to liberate humanity, a blueprint for our progressive and conscious growth and the means to establish our harmonious co-existence with mother earth and all the resources she offers. This is why, I suspect, the western history writers went to such lengths to paint an entirely different picture of Africa; one that excludes its historical contributions and significance, and attributes all things negative to the continent and its people. I believe this was done not only because they wanted to exploit and usurp its natural wealth; by promoting internal division and encourage external prejudice; it was also done to recede human consciousness and pervert its potentials, so they could promote a more materialistic reality; one based on greed, hedonism, false power and control.

You see, the African mind fully connected with its true origin, is by definition, a solution creator who lives to expand the boundaries of consciousness using the language of balanced love. The African mind is a respecter of nature and balance. The African mind knows and reveres divinity, believing in the need to be in harmony with the environment to ensure continuity and survival, not only of them, but for ‘mother nature’ and all her other inhabitants. In the old times, the African mind never subscribed to objects like the ‘fridge’ because they only took what was necessary for survival, nutrition and medicine from the world they lived in. They explored ‘sound and movement’ as means to communicate with themselves, the elements, and to define the life experience they so cherished.

Today, we live in a world that’s in a state of misplaced morality, with absurd levels of greed, war, disease, famine, poverty, hatred, bigotry, corruption and so much more that leaves me wondering where we (people) went off rail. But you see, the answer, is simple. For just as a child seeking clarity must go to their parents, this misled world must go back to its parent for redirection.

I believe it is the responsibility of the African mind to change this situation and re-introduce the world to its foundation purpose; one that is different from the existing paradigm of greed and deception that we currently see….

(To be continued, someday) – Ea2