‘Oh-people of colour’, why despise our appearance and heritage? Is it because we feel less than whom we know; less than who we should be?

Why bleach our skin to become pale? To become like those who enslaved us; who still try to enslave our minds, our culture, and our economy. Suggesting we believe that we are in some way deficient; that we were born a different kind. Forgetting we are all created in the image and likeness of the Divine; the manifestation of the truest highest form of beauty.

Why discriminate against our own kind? Disrespecting our own kind because of the ‘shade of skin’, or because one sect believes they have been more-so exposed to a certain way of thinking. And such thinking, we can now see, encourages division by instilling fear into the minds of many, so an elite few can gain more control over what is meant for all.

Why get intoxicated with such a world? A world where those who need are being governed and manipulated by wasteful greed; are forced to accept conditions because they don’t want to bleed; are further segmented because of their creed; are most times criticized for doing any good deed.

For far too long, we have been divided. For far too long, we have learnt to seek more differences in ourselves. For far too long, we have listened to careless whispers from those who offer no comfort to our sense of being; rather, exploit our insecurities, and plunder what lies within our borders.

“Is this the future we want, oh-people of colour? Have the ‘scars of the whip’ not healed enough, and the opportunity to recover not been presented by choice?”

I suspect it is time to fully recognise; to further realise the joys that can befall us, when we unite as a people and within ourselves. Yes, it is time we recognise that we too are the world, and the world is also us. But first we must learn to love ourselves and promote our unity with greater conviction; for then we will realise the strengths inherent.

We must embrace our cultures’ and celebrate our diversity for therein lays the opportunity to share originality without misrepresenting it, so as to conform; rather, stand firm and proud where we belong.

We must love who we are and whom we have thus become. Acknowledge the richness of our heritage, be informed about the uniqueness of our history, realise the strengths from our beauty, and the sturdiness in our convictions. We must look towards what bonds us all, and see ourselves as the path to achieving a renewed kind of communal love – one of truth, tolerance, equality, justice, humaneness, compassion, wisdom and understanding.

Let us unite, ‘oh-people of colour’. Take pride in your race, appearance, creed, region and heritage. Let us go past those inherited prejudices, focus less on the effects of our chequered past and various idiosyncrasies. We must agree that love holds the key to a new world; a new kind of peace. And the love needed must live, first, in us.

For united we will stand, but divided we will always fall.

“The darker the flesh, the deeper the roots…” – Tupac


Ea2 – 05/11/2010. Copyright © 2010