Noble Path

Throughout time history has held for us the wisdoms of correction, still some are reluctant to accept the ‘greater good’ within that seeks for all benevolence, equality, justice, liberty, communal progress and serenity. Instead they defend living in this-our-time; a time when the ways to such a path appear blocked; perhaps, because of our fears and the lusts of our greed.

We require a greater courage so we can supersede our addictions to these ‘creature comforts’ and to inapt conformity. We need a greater love, so we are willing to make contributions for more than just our benefits. For it is only when one acts with such selfless intent that he or she can truly embrace the art of giving, and understand better, the science of receiving.

So now it seems a nobler path has become one many fear to tread; for with it not only comes hardships amongst uncertainty, but also, the desire of sacrifice and eagerness to serve using divine creativity for the good of humankind. But alas, it is the right path to take; in my opinion. A noble path…

“With wisdom comes apathy.” History says.

“To make lasting change, I must resolve to endure beyond sacrifice.” I say…


Ea2 – 24/11/2010

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