My Son,

There would come a time when you will ask yourself, ‘did I do enough? Did I do all that I could?’ It is at this point you will come to realise the benefit of having wisdom and begin to appreciate the true gifts of the mind.
I am at a place of resolution in my life now, because I know my days are numbered. I love with no fears or regrets; even during moments of weakness. I came here to challenge you to meet the standards you set for yourself, to walk towards the greatness that you are.
Your bloodline is one of Kings and men of majesty, and this you should take seriously, as do those who now rule the world you live in. Your focus must be on the release of this greatness and the service it will have when it impacts humanity. I suspect the thought of such a burden can be intimidating, but you were designed with an adequate pair of shoulders, all you need do is believe.
I pray you do not limit yourself to the mediocrity you currently surround yourself with, for that would be a huge disappointment not only for you, but for the rest of the world who need your manifestation. I pray you go past your confusions in good time so you can open your mind to a field of endless possibilities.
To move past this point where you and I currently dwell in tangle, I propose you embrace these moments we have now, and attempt to let go of the past disappointments and expectations. Let us together design new ones, embracing the time given to us by God, here in this now, using it to our best advantage, to encourage and learn from each other, gain a higher degree of respect and love for one another.
My son, you are the future I will never have and I am the past you have been selected to avoid. We both have our roles to play as father and son, and though its hard sometimes, with the distance between us, we must rely more on this feeling we have and the bond that locks our embrace to lead and order the path our relationship follows.

As always, I will be here whenever you feel I have earned your trust to share what you are feeling.

Love Dad