04 April 2014 What if, and this is just a theory, ALL of, and I do mean ALL, our known ‘ruler/s’ (ruler/s: ‘any such person/s we have either selected or elected to represent us in some ...


“The true power lies with the people, and soon, we will all realise this and unite in solidarity. The suppression of ‘truth’ and oppression of freedoms using war and debt; the ...


“Of what is the purpose of my time?” I asked. “When, each moment, I lament the unforeseen sorrow and compare fortunes with those agreed for a different mission. When, frequently, I question ...


“Choice is an illusion, created between those with power and those without.” – Merovingian (Matrix Reloaded) On the surface, this sounds an arrogant quote, and perhaps it is, but it ...

Haba…! (In Nigerian pidgin English)

This thing wey I wan write now, na from inside belle e dey come oh. Anyone wey read am wan vex, na im own wahala be dat. Me I don talk the one wey dey pain me here. For this our Nigeria problem, me ...

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